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  1. Five simple ways to eliminate everyday stress

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    In our work-dominated, eco-anxious world we could all use a little help to chill out and de-stress, don’t you think?

    A recent study by the Australian Psychological Society found that 35 per cent of Australians reported significant levels of stress in their lives, listing personal finances, health, family and workplace issues as the leading causes. Coupled with research conducted this year by Bond University indicating large amounts of work stress within the construction industry, we found this high statistic quite alarming.

    Personally, we find having our real life fluffy mascot Zoya in the office a big stress reliever but for those unable to bring your pet to work, we have done some research and compiled five simple stress relieving tips to use in your everyday life.

    1. Prioritise your wellbeing

    Take a little me-time and start doing things that make you feel good. Try meditation or find an outdoor activity you enjoy. Take a walk on your lunch break or head off on a weekend hike, which can boost energy and enhance your mental and emotional wellbeing.

    Practice gratitude, reflecting on the things you’re thankful for each day. These simple practices can be done anywhere, anytime, and can inspire a more positive outlook on every situation.

    2. Think about the bigger picture

    We’re all guilty of getting wrapped up in our own bubble at times but sometimes we need to put things into perspective. Rather than overthinking or creating ‘what if’ scenarios, it can be helpful to find proactive ways to help solve the stress, like setting a budget to help fix your finances.

    3. Maintain a work-life balance

    With many of us running our own businesses and managing major projects, it can be hard to leave work at the office. Instead, we carry these pressures into other areas of our lives. Start pencilling family fun-days into your diary and clock off when these days roll around. If you can, use your annual leave to rejuvenate and clear your mind.

    4. Disconnect from your devices

    The average Australian spends nearly seven hours a day on their devices. Add TV time to that and many of us are spending nearly half our day staring at screens. Disconnecting from our devices can allow us to be more in the moment, offering a refreshing break for our minds – and our eyes. Why not start leaving your phone in another room when you get home and set limits on your screen time? If you find yourself addicted to your socials, it could be time for a social media detox!

    5. Redefine your goals

    Forget what you think you should achieve and consider what you actually want to achieve. When setting goals, prioritise things that spark happiness. Seeing your dreams and goals on paper can help us to figure out our next steps, with goals being as big or as small as you want them to be. Always be sure to acknowledge your progress along the way. A retrospective look might just be the final push forward you need to smash that goal!

    Let’s make 2020 the year we work together towards achieving peace of mind.