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  1. Building Permit Levies

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    Due to the recently introduced Cladding Levy, our office will no longer be handling levy payments. All levy payments will now need to be paid directly to the VBA (Victorian Building Authority).

    Our FAQ responses below have been provided to make this change as hassle-free as possible.

    Please contact our office for any levy related queries.

    How do I pay the Building Permit Levy?

    You will receive an electronic levy payment request via email which can be paid online or via BPAY.

    Please ensure you have provided your current email address to your NBS consultant to avoid delays.

    What happens if I don’t pay the Levy?

    A building permit cannot be issued without levy payment. The VBA’s BAMS system will not generate a permit number if the levy hasn’t been paid. Making payment at your earliest convenience will speed up the process.

    How much will the levy cost?

    Get an idea of how much your levy will cost using the Building Permit Levy Calculator.
    Tip: You will need the cost of works of your project for accuracy.