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  1. Our work with the NGV

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    From last year’s Terracotta Warriors & Cai Guo Qiang exhibition to the current KAWS and KAWS: Playtime interactive display, our building surveying work with The National Gallery (NGV) is always a cultural experience.

    At NBS we cherish our ongoing relationship with the NGV and the teams we work in collaboration with on each fitout. We have had the pleasure of working on 15 Australian and International exhibitions over the past year, with each serving as a reminder of how fortunate we are to be involved with such iconic projects.

    Last May we enjoyed Krystyna Campbell’s Pretty Fashion Gift display, featuring late nineteenth century haute-couture and Parisian fashion, followed by the Alexander Calder exhibition and Workshop for Kids. Lucy McRae’s Body Architect exhibition of beautiful colour digital images asked the question, “How will technology transform the body?” while Australian artist Darren Sylvester’s exhibition entitled Carve a Future, Devour Everything, Become Something explored our place in the universe.

    Our favourite? It’s a tough one but we would have to choose the Terracotta Warriors exhibition, where this ancient Chinese army was displayed as part of the NGV’s ‘Winter Masterpieces’ series. Considered the eighth wonder of the world and regarded as one of the greatest archaeological finds of the twentieth century, it has been hypothesized that each warrior, with uniquely styled hair and features was based on real soldiers who served in the Emperor’s army.

    If you missed any of these awe-inspiring experiences do not despair; the Crossing Lines, KAWS and Roger Kemp exhibitions are showing at the NGV as we speak and believe us when we say you can’t miss them… and wait ‘til you see what’s to come! Please head to our projects page.

    Image right: 2019 Architecture Commission ‘In Absence’, Yhonnie Scarce and Edition Office