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Nicolas Building Surveyors offers services that encompass the lifecycle of a building’s design and construction

We advise, inspect, design, develop, manage and document major infrastructure projects, including off-shore projects.

Our delivery method includes consultancy, building permits, compliance and maintenance audits, energy studies and essential safety services for the construction and property industries in line with the Building Code of Australia.

We pride ourselves on listening to and understanding our clients’ needs and then presenting them with the most appropriate solutions and advice.

Our services continue beyond each project’s completion. We place enormous importance on following-up with clients to ensure their ongoing satisfaction.

Architects and engineers need solutions quickly and we are here to provide them. Because every project is unique, we have positioned ourselves as the go-to resource for all problems including those outside the commonplace. We do the research and you can be comfortably assured that the information and/or solution you seek has been accurately resourced using the most up-to-date digital technology in the market place.

We see our role as collaborating with architects and engineers to get the best out of every building project. The information technology we

acquire is critical to achieving correct outputs from current technologies. With that information, we then apply our professional sound judgments to provide a user-focused quality service.

Today, these projects are becoming ever more complicated and NBS believes a targeted, methodical and practical approach serves everyone, especially the client. Communicating and sharing documents between each specialist involved can make the process faster, more efficient, better organised and cost effective.