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Building Surveying

Full Building Reviews

Detailed reports on condition, construction and make up of the building at any stage.

Permits and Approvals

Quick and efficient issuance of Building Permits and Occupancy Permits.

Government Certification

Issuance of approvals under the Building Act 1993 Victoria.

Protection Work Advice

Assessments of effects on adjoining properties.

Building Inspections

Ensuring all facets of building and/or quality control as the situation may require.

Building Occupancy Advice

Reports on condition of property and suitability for occupancy.

Building Audit

Reports analysing the existing conditions of a building together with review of essential services maintenance regimes and operations.

Preventative Maintenance

Reports to identify apparent defects and anticipate potential effects on maintenance of essential services.

Compliance with Building Regulations

Check major non-conforming issues to ensure compliance with building regulations.