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We are driven by the confidence of our expertise: which encompasses the integrity of the decisions we make.

We approach complex challenges head on and always seek to find an appropriate solution. We aim for clarity and transparency and demonstrate this through our ability to communicate at all times.

Our professional approach and commitment to our clients enable us to deliver an outstanding result.

Building and construction is a highly-regulated industry, and our work as building surveyors is to navigate through that process in the most efficient way possible.

NBS will provide a clear outline of services scope in its capacity as either:

  • a relevant building surveyor performing its required statutory functions under the building legislation; or
  • a consultant building surveyor undertaking compliance management directly with a design team.

The above roles are within the framework of the Victorian Code of Conduct for Building Surveyors. In this regard, appointment on a project is for one of the above roles only, which is defined upfront with the client under an NBS scope and agreement.

Our statutory role as the appointed relevant building surveyor is to:

  • Review construction documentation provided as part of a building permit application
  • Issue determination as to the acceptance or otherwise for a building permit approval
  • We inspect every stage of your building’s construction and sign-off the mandatory notifications as required by your building permit once we are sure those stages comply with the regulations
  • We issue the occupancy permit or certificate of final inspection once your building is finished

Our consultancy role (i.e. non-statutory function) is always to advise and consult with you and those working on your project, whether it is reviewing your architectural plans, inspecting your building site, arranging all the necessary paperwork, alerting you to concessions and/or exemptions for your project or advising you on how to handle the challenges that may arise. We are there every step of the way and beyond.

  • We assess your drawings and documentation to ensure compliance with the relevant building regulations and codes is achieved
  • Liaise with the project consultant team and relevant applicable authorities
  • We provide compliance management review as applicable for the construction phase of your project
  • Liaise with the construction project team, i.e. builder to ensure fluidity on site

Most importantly, you will find that our work is backed by the values and motivational principles we believe in.

“The compliance environment is moving at a rapid pace and there is an obvious need for greater clarity with regard to the emerging changes. We intend to create a platform that will allow all involved to engage in the process with particular emphasis on project and client objectives, as well as safety in design”

Con Nicolas – Director