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Fire Engineering

  • Quantitative risk assessment for building designs including a proficient expertise in “reverse risk engineering”.
  • Quantified Reliability Centred Maintenance (QRCM). QRCM allows for the review of essential services based on reliability to enable review of required maintenance regimes.
  • Checking on major non-conforming issues and identification of possible design options ensure compliance with building regulations.
  • Establish the design parameters of the fire engineering design brief associated with the performance approach for the building development.
  • Development of performance designs in accordance with the NCC
  • Regulatory advice, feasibility studies for new projects and audit reports for existing buildings with respect to regulatory compliance.
  • Investigation and advice on fire protection inspections and reports.
  • Preparation of essential services (fire safety infrastructure) maintenance manuals.
  • Building Regulation research.
  • Peer Review of fire engineering designs for buildings (including risk analysis).