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Nicolas Building Surveyors (NBS) is a name long synonymous with excellence, expertise and reliability in ensuring proper building and construction standards within the framework of the Building Code of Australia.

As building surveyors, NBS has forged a reputation for visionary management strategies in large infrastructure projects that require best practice solutions.

Our work is evidence of the trust placed in our expert knowledge of the industry. It is why we have forged ahead and invested in cutting-edge technology to meet the breathtaking scale and complexity of today’s building and construction projects. That technology has been integrated into all our processes to enhance the various stages of construction.

We are very conscious of demands for critical assessments with quick, efficient turnarounds; the technology we use, provides that and more. That does not mean we neglect the fundamentals of good project management; rather, we use our technological advantage to provide consistent internal controls of each stage of the building project, as well as detailed and quality reporting.

Whilst we have transformed our operations with leading edge technology, maintaining good relationships with clients and those we work with are as important as ever. Furthermore, we are always conscious of upholding our responsibilities and delivering results with absolute integrity.